Master of Business Administration Executive MBA

"How do you get to be president of a company?" asks Michael Driscoll ‘87 EMBA, an executive in residence at Connecticut Innovations. "By being in the presence of presidents or future presidents of companies. You have to start thinking in those terms. And this program ties it all together."

Think Differently. Lead Differently.

We were the first Executive MBA program in Connecticut. We are still the most unique.

What makes us so?

We're Transformational, Not Transactional.

Students enter our program as subject experts in their specific disciplines — healthcare or engineering, for example — but they graduate with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make the leap to leadership roles. With an Executive MBA degree from the University of New Haven, you won’t have to tell people you’re ready for the next step in your professional life. They’ll know it.

We're About Relationship Learning, Not Just Showing Up.

When you join our EMBA program, you immediately become part of a close-knit, energizing, and supportive family. In each class, you’ll find a strong blend of student perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise. Our small class sizes enable you to develop lifelong relationships as you learn from your professors, alumni and classmates.

We're About Skill-Building, Not Task-Doing

In a dynamic business environment, skills can increase and decrease in value as fast as you learn them. Our program helps you to develop and manage your skills and experience portfolio to stay relevant and valuable at all times, regardless of the current business climate.

We're About Integration, Not Silos.

Successful organizations rely on teamwork and collaboration. We use a theme-based curriculum to thoroughly equip you as a leader to integrate your work, goals, and communication strategies across different disciplines and groups.

We're About Theory – Backed Up With Practice.

Our professors bring years of real-world experience and leadership to the classroom. You will learn to be a leader from leaders. And because our programs requires you to put what you learn to work — every week — you won’t have to wait until graduation to reap the benefits of being part of such an innovative program.

We're Invested in Your Success – Today and Tomorrow

Your fellow classmates, your professors, and the largest Executive MBA alumni network in the state are intensely interested in your success. We also provide you with a personal executive coach with whom you can bounce off ideas, consider new opportunities, or determine how best to navigate whatever may be blocking your career enrichment.

"Our EMBA program is designed to educate managers to think cross-functionally while keeping a keen eye out for organizational change and improvement opportunities. Enabling our students to lead positive organizational change is an important focus of our program." Robert Albright Ph.D.
Chair, Management Department
鶹ý Advantage

Get an inside look at what differentiates the University of New Haven and how your experiences as a student will prepare you for success.

Learn from professors who are dedicated to your success.

Our faculty are leaders and innovators in their fields, bringing both deep professional experience and academic rigor to the classroom.


I know now that if a scenario comes up, I can grab from the arsenal of knowledge I learned from my EMBA and solve it.

I can’t overstate how much my University of New Haven EMBA experience has been a total gamechanger or me. Participating in this program was one of the best decisions I ever made.

The EMBA program changed the way I see, hear, and act on a daily basis — and proved to me how true is the ancient saying 'The only thing that is constant is change.'

Selected Courses and Programs
  • This course examines management policies and strategies for the complex organization operating in a dynamic environment from the viewpoint of top-level executives of the organization. It also develops analytic and systematic frameworks for the management of the numerous elements involved in assuring the fulfillment of the goals of the total organization. The course integrates the student’s general business knowledge with knowledge acquired in the MBA curriculum. Emphasis on development of oral and written communication skills is assessed by examination and discussion of cases and by other appropriate instructional methods. Completion of a significant "SLiCE" project (Shared Live Client Experience) is required as a part of this course. Students will work in teams to assess, analyze, and make recommendations that address a real company’s issues or opportunities.

  • This course reviews statistical concepts and methods with emphasis on data analytics and visualizations. Topics to be covered include descriptive statistics, plots and graphs for discrete and continuous data, statistical inference, regression, and selected non-parametrics including chi-square. In addition, power pivot and other Excel analytical tools will be covered. Students will obtain a solid introduction to R as a functional programming language and will be able to use Excel and R to effectively compute statistical and graphical procedures.

  • Examination of valuation, investment, and financing of the firm and their implications for strategic decision making; application of pricing models.

  • This course examines the impact of theories and research findings relevant to leadership and team building in organizations. The role of the leader and teams in organizations is discussed. The knowledge and skills required for successful leadership and team building are analyzed. An assessment of one’s own leadership and team building capabilities is completed.

  • This course integrates marketing strategy with the enhancement of value in firms, products, services, and industry. The course focuses on competitive and customer metrics and analysis, development of marketing strategy, and implementation of strategic marketing plans in business organizations. The course incorporates current developments in marketing to acquaint students with the present-day challenges of marketing activities and serves as a vehicle for the application and integration of the concepts, analytical tools, and problem-solving approaches to developing marketing strategy.

  • The University of New Haven offers a wide variety of in-depth courses that create a transformational educational experience for our students. To view the complete list of courses you'll take while pursuing an EMBA, check out the Academic Catalog:

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Our Pompea College of Business is Among the Top 5% Worldwide

AACSB accreditation means that our Pompea College of Business has passed a rigorous set of standards. The faculty, students, programs and research have been closely examined and judged to be of exceptionally high standards.

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    Can international students apply to the program?

    Unfortunately, because of the nature of the Executive MBA, we are unable to enroll international students to this program. Explore our Full-Time MBA Program to apply and pursue your studies in the U.S. as an international student.

  • The University of New Haven Graduate School is an excellent value with reasonable tuition. Of course, you will still have bills to pay and the Financial Aid office can help.

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