Comprehensive Curriculum Assessment Plan (CCAP)

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) oversees the process for all departments to craft and implement their curriculum assessment plans. Faculty and College representatives can find the necessary basic materials below. All degree and certificate programs—both graduate and undergraduate—must be documented through the CCAP process.

Click here to access the complete Comprehensive Curriculum Assessment Plan: Operational Manual document.

Click here to access the QuickStart Guide for CCAP authors.

Click here to access the CCAP Template for submission of assessment plans to the Office of Academic Assessment.  Those program faculty who wish to include program goals should instead download the CCAP Template with Program Goals.

University of New Haven full-time faculty are enrolled in the Academic Assessment course accessible through Blackboard 9. In addition to the documents provided above, the Academic Assessment course features useful information and resources for all those involved in the assessment process.

Each fall, the UAC will announce the format and due dates for year-end departmental CCAP reports, as noted in Appendix E of the CCAP Operational Manual above.